It takes advantage of the open source system of the Android operating system, giving users a unique experience. The first images of the new interface version MIUI 11 interface of Xiaomi Company appeared. In the shared images, the MIUI 11 interface has a simpler, whitish structure.

The new version of the MIUI interface, which is offered by the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi Company to smart device users, continues to work on the MIUI 11 interface. In the first half of 2019, Xiaomi Company has come a long way in terms of the interface it launched. Now the first images came from the MIUI 11 interface.

In previous releases of Xiaomi, the MIUI 11 interface will have a new design. He announced a new MIUI interface experience, packed with new icons and new features. The first visuals of the MIUI 11 interface make it clear that Xiaomi will come across with a simpler design.

When you look closely at the shared images of the MIUI 11 interface, you can see that the MIUI 11 interface carries the Android 10 atmosphere. In this context, the MIUI 11 interface is more simple and elegant.

Xiaomi Company, which has come up with the motto of ken increasing productivity ünde in the MIUI 11 interface, has slightly changed the overall design of the MIUI interface. However, with the white space of the MIUI 11 interface, the darkness of the writing styles does not fall short of attention.


One of the highlights of the MIUI 11 interface is the new features that can be used with this interface. A new file sharing system is one of these features. The new system of Xiaomi has been made with Vivo and Oppo companies and thanks to this feature, users can easily send files to each other at high transfer rates. In addition, the MIUI 11 interface is a new feature that changes the brightness by detecting sunrise and sunset times depending on the location. It also has a continuous display feature that shows the color of a text created by changing the colors.

Not satisfied with all these features, Xiaomi Company, MIUI 11 interface with the dynamic sound feature and a new file manager will be available to users. In addition, Xiaomi also incorporates features such as dark mode, auto-reply and timing for some messaging applications in the MIUI 11 interface.

With all these innovations, the MIUI 11 interface is now available to users. With the release of the MIUI 11 interface, users will have access to the new MIUI interface, in addition to all these features.

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