Samsung’s new sensors with 108 MP resolution cameras are being prepared to be real. The first device with a 108 MP camera is expected to be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. However, according to new information, Xiaomi Company is working on 4 108 MP devices apart from this device.

Megapixel battles that have emerged on smart devices continue unabated. The final winner is the 64 MP resolution devices, while the new 108 MP resolution devices are preparing to take the throne. For the time being, many manufacturers of smart devices are expected to prefer high resolutions of 108 MP, except for the 0.8 umm pixels.

The editors of XDA Developers are examining the unreleased devices of brands such as Xiaomi to find out what improvements are happening in the new camera systems. According to researchers, Xiaomi is working on a number of devices, not one that uses Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensors.

The Mi Galery application of the MIUI operating system provides new support for viewing photos with a resolution of 108 MP. However, this feature; Uc tucana cihaz, ‘umi’, ‘draco’ and ‘cmi’ coded devices are designed to work on. These four codenames are for Xiaomi Company’s unreleased devices. However, the devices are also likely to leave as Xiaomi and Redmi.

The interesting thing is that none of these devices is thought to be Xiaomi Mi MIX 4. It is known that Xiaomi will have a 108 MP camera. Apart from the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, there are four 108 MP devices to come, which excites fans.

Camera wars on smart devices are developing very quickly. Devices with a resolution of 48 MP had ‘reigned uzun for a long time. But devices with a resolution of 64 MP. Although they have just been released, Xiaomi’s Mi MIX 4 device seems to have lost its lead in the megapixel battles. Of course, a similar situation can be experienced in devices with a resolution of 108 MP.

It may be a sign that Sony has not yet announced a sensor known for its success in the sensors and cameras it has produced. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the rumors are merely a guess. After the 108 MP devices of Xiaomi Company, we will wait and see how the competition will progress together.

So what do you think about it? Do you think more megapixel devices will emerge in the future? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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