Xiaomi, a Chinese technology giant, introduced the groundbreaking sensors for the camera in China. In addition to the sensor with 64 MP resolution, the 108 MP sensor also gives hints that the Xiaomi company has hinted that they are seriously preparing for the camera.

Xiaomi has been talking about the device, which has 64 MP and has a quad camera. As the details of the device were revealed, Xiaomi Company held a conference in Beijing, the capital of China. And he completely explained the new camera technology. Xiaomi Company, the smartphone used in the 64 MP resolution of the ISOCELL GW1 camera sensor has announced the features. And he talked about the 108 MP camera sensor.

Redmi, a sub-brand of the Xiaomi brand, claims that the phone will be one of the first devices with a 64 MP camera. It has 38% more than the 48 MP sensor developed by Samsung. It allows you to take more vivid, bright and detailed pictures.

The ISOCELL GW1 is a large 1 / 1.7-inch sensor with a 1.6μm pixel size. Redmi’s smartphone will be equipped with a 64 MP camera and will come with features such as ISOCELL Plus, Smart ISO and Hybrid 3D HDR. The photos taken with the new camera will have a resolution of 9248×6936. This means that the photos can be up to 19 MB in size.


In the fourth quarter of 2019, the ISOCELL GW1 sensor smart device, with a resolution of 64 MP, will be included in the Redmi smart device, according to Xiaomi. Chinese technology giant Xiaomi Company, not only 64 MP resolution, 108 MP Samsung sensor, said the future of the device. This sensor can take pictures with a resolution of 12032×9024.

According to information from reliable sources, 108 MP Samsung sensors will be used in Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphones. At the moment, this information overlaps with the previously released information of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, but we will have to approach the release date in order to provide clearer information.

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