The design of the iPhone 11, which was held by many for the reasons of design, has been confirmed. YouTuber MKBHD reviewed the models of the iPhone 11. And published a video on what has changed on the device and what has not changed. YouTuber’s video showed all the devices in the iPhone 11 series.

The introduction of the new iPhone 11 series from Apple is only two months away. New information about the phone to be released continues to increase day by day. As for the first bad news, the iPhone models will be introduced this year with an asymmetrical. Massive and square camera module. The design of the iPhone 11 will be the same as the iPhone XS series in general.

Our only bad news is not only with the camera and the design. The famous YouTuber MKBHD took a mock-up of the phones. And shared a video that explored the design changes on the iPhone 11. There is almost no change in the design of the new iPhone 11 to be released by Apple. But it’s only changed at one point where everyone complains:

The famous YouTuber MKBHD says that the new iPhone 11 will be improved as a camera. But as soon as the phone’s design comes out, everyone doesn’t like the back panel camera design. It should also be noted that the protrusion on the rear camera is still present.

YouTuber, which comes to the mind of everyone. And touched on the protrusion in YouTuber and said “Make the phone a few mils thicker and no protrusion”. Offers an idea that Apple has ignored for years.


YouTuber MKBHD not only said that the design has not changed. The new iPhones will not feature 3D Touch, while there will be minimal improvements in battery and phone-to-phone wireless charging. This year, the new iPhone series will include an ultra wide-angle lens.

The new iPhone series is not seen as an improvement despite the above. And many people will not buy an iPhone this year. Apple has not made any changes in the design of the camera. And only complained about the problem of protrusion that does not produce a solution to increase. The sales of this year is expected to drop considerably.

Of course, we are curious about your ideas as colors and tastes will not be discussed. You can share your ideas in the comments section.

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