Summer Festival Begins in Zula

Stash winners now win. In partnership with Zula and Vestel, the Zula game presents the Vestel Venus Z20 mobile phone and the Decibel K550 Bluetooth headset. If you want to win right away, go to Zula.

How do I participate in the draw?

Enter Zula and pass the Vestel Contract from Zula Pass to 1ZP’al and complete the contract.

Gifts to be given as a result of the lottery?

1 Person Vestel Venus Z20 Mobile Phone (282.37 $)

3 People Vestel Decibel K550 Bluetooth Headset (45.74 $)

Campaign Participation Dates When?

Between 8-14 July 2019

When and Where Will the Lottery Result Be Announced?

Zula will be announced on 19 July 2019 through official social media platforms.

Campaign Participation Conditions

  • Zula players who wish to participate in the campaign must have one of Vestel Contracts.
  • The player who completes the mission first will be contacted via his / her mobile phone and e-mail.
  • Players who do not have contact information or give false information cannot receive the prize even if they win.
  • Players can cheat, misuse, etc. In such cases, Lokum Games reserves the right not to award the prize to the winner.
  • The first player to complete the 500 DK contract on the Zula Pass will receive the Vestel Venüs Z20 Mobile Phone.
  • The first three players to complete the 300 DK contract at Zula Pass will receive the Vestel Decibel K550 Bluetooth headset.
  • A player cannot have more than one gift.
  • Lokum Games reserves the right to change campaign dates, etc.

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