PUBG mobile, one of the leading Battle Royal games, has just received a new update. The newcomer update brings along a new game mode, a new weapon and many more features.

PUBG has become the most popular battle royal game of recent years. Game lovers are playing the normal version and the mobile platform version. PUBG MOBILE has a new update that brings many improvements and improvements to the game.

If the update is made between 16-22 July, you will receive 1,888 BP and a parachute trail.


  • Players who can use a new submachine gun on Vikendi and Erangel maps with the new update. This weapon is known as PP-19 Bizon, which uses 9 millimeters rounds, can carry 53 rounds in a magazine and can be mounted up to 6x binoculars. And it works well in close proximity.
  • IOS users will be able to use the new feature with the 0.13.5 update. The ability to update while the game is in the background. With this feature, iOS users will continue to update PUBG MOBILE in the background while browsing other applications.
  • High Frame Rate option has been added to HDR mode with new update. This option will give players a better quality picture, but will increase the battery consumption. You can activate this feature in the Settings menu.

Along with all these features, innovations were made in the season system. These innovations include awards and new costumes.

Some errors appear to be corrected with the new 0.13.5 update. Many issues such as incorrect scoring and incorrect rankings of players throughout the season, error in reward units, and case names do not match the actual cash registers have been fixed with the new update.

You can update PUBG MOBILE from the stores of the platforms you use to update.

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