The commercial wars between the US and China, which have been fueled by Trump’s long efforts, are now called cold wars of the new era. Sony, one of the oldest and most established companies in the electronics world, issued harsh warnings for its most popular PlayStation game console. Sony Company, game consoles will increase prices because of Trump said.

Having technological products around the world becomes increasingly difficult. Due to the commercial wars based on raw materials and consumer products, psychological price dams are increasing day by day. To give you an example of the simplest, 3 years ago, 650 dollars, phones, “expensive”, while today, the same price scale phones “price / performance” is included in the group. This can be understood by Sony’s latest release of the PlayStation game console.

Japan-based Sony Company, trade wars, tensions in history, of course, not on the US side. Sony is just one of the giants complaining about the rising prices of electronic products. According to Sony, Trump’s management said that if the tax pressure on China continues, the PlayStation prices will increase worldwide.

What does PlayStation have to do with taxes on China?

In the past May, the US raised the $ 200 billion trade-flow taxes to 10% and 25%, creating a global shock. The United States is now preparing to increase tax for a $ 300 billion flow. This means that it will have a greater impact.

Giant companies have tried not to reflect the rising prices due to Trump’s previous attitude to consumers with their strong economies. As a matter of fact, there is nothing left for giants like Sony. The price increase for the most important items of production costs is about to directly affect the prices of the devices. Sony’s most popular product is the PlayStation. Cost increases with diving. Due to Trump, Sony will not be able to absorb the new cost difference. This will be reflected directly in PlayStation prices.

How much will Sony’s warnings affect PlayStation 5 prices?

Sony will most likely press the production button for the PlayStation 5 next year. The PlayStation 5 will have a high production cost because it has new technologies and more expensive hardware. This was natural and expected. However, Sony’s financial accounts may cause major misconceptions, such as the home-market relationship next year. Sony has reached 100 million sales levels with PlayStation 4 and will want to sell the new game console rightly. The US administration could hit Sony and all the other popular products you can think of.

Both the console and game prices are expected to increase. There is no need to be an economist to make this conclusion. However, seeing a sincere statement from Sony Company sharpened our expectations. Let’s see how the Sony company’s announcement will be reflected on the market. We’il see it all together.

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