Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console, one of the world’s giants that everyone is looking forward to, was screened at MediaMarkt. Surprising many users, the PlayStation 5 has been released for sale. The price of the PlayStation 5 game console has also been determined. Since the PlayStation 5’s web page is still stopped, it is thought that this was not done by mistake.

PlayStation 5, Sony’s new gaming console, has shown that it will come as a very powerful machine in the light of the information we have received so far. The new game console, PlayStation 5, with the new technologies included in the gamers will have many things to date. He gave the user tips that he would offer a new gaming experience. Of course, it was expected that the new technologies coming with this new console will be reflected in the price of PlayStation 5 game console.

The PlayStation 5, which will feature an AMD Zen 2 processor and graphics unit in the new game console, is preparing to give users a different gaming experience with its super-fast SSD. With the latest patent, Sony has stated that it has taken the lead in VR and stated that it is focused on Konsol Dream Console ”.

PlayStation 5 Price

This dream console, PlayStation 5, appeared on MediaMarkt’s Swedish page. MediMarkt, which introduced Sony PlayStation 5, the new game console, opened the pre-orders of the 9,999 Swedish Krona game console. This price tag brought many users the possibility that the game console would be really expensive with more.

On average, it comes from a value of 1,060 dollars, 950 euro and 5,950 Turkish liras. There have been many rumors that the price tag will undermine Sony’s potential success. This price will deter PlayStation fans and buyers. Sony said the company would lose a significant amount of customers because it had an average twice the price of previous game consoles.

It is worth noting that this price is not the final price. MediaMarkt’s Swedish sales page states that the information contained therein is temporary. You are informed that everything may change, including the price, as you move closer to the Sony PlayStation 5 release. The price of the PlayStation 5 is still controversial.

Sony’s new game console, PlayStation 5 price estimate about the many people, PlayStation 5 like the previous game consoles $ 399 to $ 499 will come out with a price. Win the competition between you and Xbox. And it is said that the Sony company, which wants to make a solid debut, will not be successful if the price of the new game console is higher than this price.

What do you think about this? Would you consider buying the Sony PlayStation 5 at this price? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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