This computer case includes both the Xbox One X, the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. Is it cheap? Of course not. Can he finish console wars? Yes, definitely.

A box, the most expensive and fastest way to end console battles. It contains a computer and three important devices of the console industry.

Origin was developed by the company and is called Big O. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One X and computer components are included. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy this device, which is as pleasant as it sounds. The main reason for the collection of this unique safe is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Origin. It is not that easy to predict how much the price of this device will fly.

The Nintendo Switch comes with no changes to the case. Only the Switch input can be installed in the enclosure to enable integration into the system. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X are now liquid-cooled. 2 TB SSDs are used instead of standard storage units.

The computer is a complete monster. It has an Intel i9-9900 CPU, Nvidia Titan RTX graphics card, 64 GB RAM and 15 TB hard drive.

The features of the device are quite impressive and the price of such a device will make you look pretty lip.

So what do you think about this device. What do you think the price? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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