In the past months, in March, the Oppo Company obtained a patent for a new smartphone. The front camera was shown by sliding the back panel of the device and there was nothing on the screen. Oppo Company, which received a new patent, allows us to see the device more clearly this time.

Last Friday, Oppo received a new patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization. The camera has patented a new type of device, which has just begun to be in the new fashion. In fact, Oppo has patented this new device in March. The design is similar to Oppo’s Find X, but there is a difference.

This new smartphone, which was also patented by Oppo’s Find X, comes with the sliding of the back panel of the selfie cameras. When we came to the rear camera, the rear camera of the Oppo company’s Find X was slidable. However, in the new patented device, the rear camera is fixed on the rear panel.

In the new patent issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization, we can see the design of the device more clearly. When the top of the back panel is slid, the front cameras appear and a ā€œVā€ shaped shape appears on the back panel. In this way, a small touch of design was added to the back panel.

In the new patent, we see that the device is red. Obviously, the red color of the device of the Oppo company is very clean. For now, it’s just the information I get, so it’s all just waiting for more.

So what do you think about this new patent? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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