Apple Company’s iPhone 11 launched yesterday evening, prepared a general introduction video for the launch of a surprise egg was noticed. What does Apple’s ASCII character say in this surprise egg?

The US-based technology giant Apple Company yesterday evening at the Steve Jobs Theater’da event continues to echo the event. Apple Company, introduced last night’s events, but not satisfied with the new products. Apple Company has also released promotional videos of its products to be introduced simultaneously. Some promotional videos provided more sound than products.

Apple Company, the event prepared last night for the entire event was prepared for the introduction video has brought more sound than the others. The reason for this was the surprise of the technology giant Apple, which the new iPad has squeezed in comparison with the best-selling laptops. If you want, first, Apple Company “Apple Event in a flash” video Let’s watch together.

We watched the video “Apple Event in a flash.. When you come to the “1:24” moment of the video, you will hear the error sound of the Windows operating system that appears and disappears for a moment. When you bring the video to that second, in fact, the presence of such an image stands out;

“It’s just an idea. But for fans of Hardcore Apple who will stop the video, it might be nice to have some kind of surprise egg ’message here.” The blue screen with the phrase appears. The image clearly shows an “ASCII” message consisting of only 0 and 1 digits. When the ASCII message was opened, it was understood that Apple said the following;

“Did you take the time to translate this? We love you.”

So what do you think about this Apple Company introduction video. You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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