One of the technology giants, Microsoft, Apple Macbook and Surface Laptop 2’i compared an advertising film was released. And in this commercial, Apple made fun of the Macbook. The commercial film lasted 30 seconds and was very clear.

In general, we know that technology firms sometimes have a sharp humor. In their advertisements, other firms are either implicit or implicit. Or that they are all better than the features on their devices. It is worth mentioning that this ad made by Microsoft, one of the technology giants, is one of the most robust commercial films to date.

The Microsoft Company, who wanted to attract ads with simple thinking, found a person named Mackenzie Book. No, you’re not the first to think these names look like the Apple-MacBook. That’s exactly why Microsoft chose this person. And within 30 seconds, he placed an ad with plenty of ‘waves’.

Microsoft has made a commercial to prove that the new Surface Laptop 2 laptop is better than the Apple Macbook. And in this advertisement, Microsoft Company played the person named Mac Book and got his ideas.

The speed and battery life of the two laptops in the advertising Microsoft company, highlighting that all issues Surface Laptop 2 is better said. It’s worth noting that the phrase tır Compared to the MacBook Air altında below the video is not overlooked.

Microsoft said that the speed comparison was made according to the multi-core result at GeekBench with small white text under the video. Microsoft also said that the Surface Laptop 2 is faster. The Microsoft Company then moved to the peak of advertising and the final encounter.

Here’s Microsoft’s Ad

When asked Mac Book, ”Which laptop’s touch screen is better?“ He answered, “Surface, because it has a touch screen.” And then “Oh, that’s right. Macs do not have a touch screen ”.

After comparing the three issues, the ad, Mac Book named “Surface 2 should buy, I’m Mac Book” after the Microsoft company “Yes you see, Mac Book Surface says buy” says the ad ends. You can watch this commercial which takes only 30 seconds through the video below.

Yes, we’ve come to the end of our article on making fun of the Mac Book in Microsoft’s ad. You watched the video. So what do you think about it? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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