On September 10, 2019, Apple Company, which is preparing to introduce its new devices. Has emerged as a result of a new test which is claimed to belong to the iPhone 11 series. The Geekbench test, which reveals the RAM capacity of the device, gives us different information about the device.

According to unofficial sources, the iPhone XR model is expected to come as a top model of the device iPhone 11 series. Will be introduced on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. With only a few days left by the Apple Company, a benchmark test of the iPhone 11 has emerged. The iPhone 11, which will be using Apple’s new A13 processor, was disappointing with its geekbench score.

The benchmark tests of the iPhone 11 on the Geekbench show that the device uses the iOS 13.1. In early 2019, the top model of the iPhone XR would be N104. When we look at the results of Geekbench’s benchmark tests, we see that the motherboard is N104AP. This proves to be the top of the iPhone XR.

The biggest innovation and improvement seen in the Benchmark test results is the RAM capacity of 4 GB. If we are to remember last year, Apple’s cheapest device, the iPhone XR model. Was introduced with a 3 GB RAM capacity. In addition, the iPhone series, the flagship class of the iPhone series, had a capacity of 4 GB RAM.

The top of the iPhone XR is the iPhone 11, which has 4 GB of RAM. Other devices that will be introduced on Tuesday (September 10th) reveal the possibility of much higher RAM capacity. A13 processor to be used on all new iPhone models. However, we can say that the A13 processor is rated slightly higher in the single core tests by looking at the A12 processor.

Although the frequency of the cores in the processors is not known at this time. İt can be seen that the basic frequency of the A13 processor is 2.66 GHz. This shows that the basic frequency of the A12 Bionic processor is increased to 2.49 GHz.

Apple’s A13 Bionic processor is likely to choose an array similar to the A12 BIonic processor. In other words, Apple may have mapped two performance cores to four efficiency cores. They can also improve battery performance while improving performance. Nevertheless, we can say that we will enlighten you with the information that will appear in the future.

It’s worth skeptical because the information until the release of the iPhone 11 series is not exactly accurate. Don’t forget to follow us on Tuesday, September 10th.

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