With its own operating system, Huawei has applied to the European Patent Office for a new application for the operating system on computers and mobile platforms. The operating system is named Harmony.

Companies in the United States have declared war on Huawei. US-based companies announced that they will not work individually with Huawei. After a while, Google lost support for Android and canceled the Android license.

Huawei announced that they are working on their operating systems in response to license revocation. Huawei’s operating system is said to be much faster and faster than Android, and it is not known when Huawei’s operating system will meet with its customers, but smartphone users are closely following the latest development of Huawei’s operating system.

Huawei’s operating system has been named under a different name to date. However, when we applied to the European Union on July 12 for a patent for an operating system called “Harmony Hu, we understand that Huawei didn’t look hot on the first name. The patent application filed by Huawei is currently under review.


Huawei’s disclosure of this patent reveals that the operating system can be used on computers and mobile platforms. It shows that Huawei is working on a cross-platform operating system.

Previously, many alternative operating systems against Android took place on the work. Within the scope of these studies, many operating systems have been developed. However, when these developed operating systems did not produce the expected impact, the overall projects were shelved. The future of Huawei’s operating system is uncertain for now. We will wait together and see what the operating system Huawei will offer us in the future.

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