On August 23, Huawei Company officially introduced the new powerful artificial intelligence equipment. MindSpore, the artificial intelligence framework, has also emerged.

Huawei Company, a Chinese technology giant. Has developed different strategies to overcome the difficulty of the US state due to sanctions. One of the strategies he developed was to produce everything that the company could do. Huawei Company, having problems with Nvidia and Qualcomm Companies, has produced its own artificial intelligence processor chip.

The artificial intelligence chip Ascend 910 Al was built using Da Vinci Architecture. This allows the system to look at the first version mentioned last year and is much faster than the floor.

The Ascend 910 Al artificial intelligence chip achieves 256 teraflops in half-floating point operations (FP16) and 512 teraflops in integer accuracy calculations (INT8). In terms of performance, the processor is quite powerful, as in the first estimate of the power consumption of less than 350 Watt. The CPU consumes only 310 Watt.

Xu Surely it has more processing power than other artificial intelligence processors in the world, Eric said Eric Xu, the periodic president of Huawei Company.

In a typical training session, the Ascend 910 artificial intelligence processor and the MindSpore duo were twice as fast as the TenserFlow.


MindSpore introduced Huawei as the new framework for artificial intelligence, which supports the elements of artificial intelligence, and is able to work on any scenario and any device. According to Huawei, this system contains 20% less kernel code than the market-leading equivalents when it comes to typical neural networks for native language processing (NLP). This increases productivity by 50%.

Xu said that MindSpore will release in the first quarter of next year as open source. He also said that he would help the developers to work better.

In the video below you can watch the Ascend 910 Al artificial intelligence processor and MindSpore collaboration.

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