We can see the prototypes of smart phones in public places. Google’s new flagship, the Google Pixel 4 was also viewed in London today.

In general, smartphones are subjected to several tests before they can be promoted. Many of these tests are usually behind closed doors, while daily use tests are conducted in real life in the community. Smartphones are tested against anything a person can encounter in everyday life.

Google’s pure Android hosting Pixel 4 had published photos last month, and in recent weeks with the emergence of real photos were on the agenda.

We knew that Pixel 4, Google’s new smartphone, would have a large camera module overhang. The protrusion of this camera module was considered negative by Pixel fans.

A photo taken on a train in London shows that Pixel 4 is used in a case. Thanks to this case, it is hard to understand the fact that the phone is a Pixel 4, thanks to the case that the camera is located on the back of the device.

Google’s Pixel series has a tradition of public transport. Last year the Pixel 3 XL was displayed on a subway in Canada.

The first Pixel smartphone was displayed in a restaurant in 2016. There is no explanation by Google about the launch date of Pixel 4.

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