Electric Monster by Harley-Davidson

The world’s largest motorcycle company, Harley-Davidson, announced that it will launch the new LiveWIRE, a fully electric motor, in the coming days. Without clutch and gear shifting, this motorcycle reaches a speed of 100 kilometers in 3 seconds.

Harley Davidson announced that with the power of the engine, for some people, it sounds too crazy, but it is unsettling. LiveWire, which will be released in the coming days, will be available at $ 30,000.

Here’s That Monster LiveWire:

One of the features of this electric motor from Harley-Davidson is that the LiveWire is gear-free and has no clutch. With a fully charged battery, LiveWire can travel 225 kilometers on intercity roads and 142 kilometers in the city. LiveWire, which can charge its batteries 80% in just 40 minutes, can charge a completely empty battery 100% in one hour, which means it will charge the battery in one hour.

Harley-Davidson announced that customers who own these motorcycles can charge their motorcycles free of charge from the dealers they buy for two years.

Harley-Davidson has not released prices than for Turkey. It is expected that Harley-DavidSon will update its websites in the coming days and will be fully quoted.

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